Art Direction & standby props services

Art department services to the TV commercial industry

All types of interior and exterior Haze and smoke effects.

Fully equipped Standby van, smoke , haze, fans, dust, flame bars, rain bars, picture ice, 6X6 & 12X12 greenscreens.

Beer and product specialist

All types of props and vehicles sourced, classic cars a speciality.

6 seater 4WD utility for transporting crew and gear into difficult locations.

With over 20 years of TV commercial experience Andy would be happy to discuss your jobs requirements.

Samples of art direction

Berkshire Hathaway 2015 US

Angus and Julia stone "Cellar Door" 2017

Rove and Sam 2015

A few of the funnier ads that I have worked on.

Doritos finger cleaner 2013

Cougar Bourbon 2001

Tooheys New 1999

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For all enquiries please call Andy on 0408863207 or email

For bookings please call Auscrew on 02 94274444